Just the Two of Us

Just the Two of Us

After 35+ years of marriage, two wonderful sons, living and working in Australia, Sweden, UK and USA we are now 'just the two of us' plus a very spoilt Shitzu.

Following five years at The Sandhurst Club it is time to downsize. Our criteria - build a new home in a development within ten minutes of John's Sandhurst Golf Club, access to Monash and Eastlink Freeways, all new infrastructure and proposed services, recycled water and no Management Company or Body Corporate Fees.

We invite you to view our journey as we build with Carlisle Homes our 'Savannah 28' at 'The Avenue at Casey', a masterplanned community meeting all our criteria.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Are We There Yet?

Lead up to Practical Completion Inspection - Friday 4th March.....

Found our three great Painters back on site for paint completion and touchups.  Full credit for patience having to follow other Trades scuffing their previous work.
No camera!! but I was able to have a good look around making mental notes for PCI.....
chipped tile in ensuite shower was replaced and 'Networker Control' installed for heating/cooling.
Inside is excellent albeit another visit by the cleaners - thrilled with carpets.
Side of house has been given another scrape and backfilled to slab.
Carlisle Homes requested us to organize fit off of ducted vacuum motor plus commissioning of heating/cooling after Handover - booked!
Fences scheduled for early next week.
Timber Venetians for bedrooms 2 and 3, study, bathroom and ensuite ready to be installed day of Handover. 
Shutters to follow with Roller Blinds 'ready to go' once we finalize colour.
Exposed Aggregate Driveway, side path and Alfresco scheduled 21st March....Yipeeee!!!


  1. Too exciting (and too organized). How are you sleeping? I won't sleep from lock up I reckon!!!

  2. Your organization is amazing - hoping I'm half as good! Is John ready to sleep there?? At the rate this weather is going you will get to try out your heating this weekend!

  3. Who sleeps....too many lists. I'm leaving Luke's house and helping Jarrad and Erin to move in.

    Certificate of Occupancy today. Getting excited now, everything falling into place. John will be residing from day one, heating commissioned or not.
    Did we have a summer??

    Reinsey, did you see your waffle pods etc...update from Carlisle?

  4. C of O... Oh how exciting!!!
    We didn't end up at block. Traffic was a nightmare on way home, but the lovely Kerry (opposite us) sent ua a piccie of our waffle pods and beautifully flat block.

  5. I am so jealous!! Received signed conyractsback in mail today. Plans going to engineer now so we have to wait to hear from them - then they apply for building permit - uggggg more waiting!

  6. I'm about to end....well at least the building process.

    Tick to Reinsey, surely, about to get a slab.

    Tick to Janine, closer to a slab.

  7. Bring on Friday 4th March!!Hope everything goes smoothly. Almost there. Get that bottle of bubbly ready:)