Just the Two of Us

Just the Two of Us

After 35+ years of marriage, two wonderful sons, living and working in Australia, Sweden, UK and USA we are now 'just the two of us' plus a very spoilt Shitzu.

Following five years at The Sandhurst Club it is time to downsize. Our criteria - build a new home in a development within ten minutes of John's Sandhurst Golf Club, access to Monash and Eastlink Freeways, all new infrastructure and proposed services, recycled water and no Management Company or Body Corporate Fees.

We invite you to view our journey as we build with Carlisle Homes our 'Savannah 28' at 'The Avenue at Casey', a masterplanned community meeting all our criteria.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Dog Door


Organized installation of BonBon's Doggy Door after Handover - also, impressed with the extra site scrape the SS organized today. 
Now I can schedule Fencing contractor asap.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Avenue Ladies...Lost for Words!!

My 'Avenue Ladies/Blogland' tragics Reinsey, Janine and I decided to meet 11.00 a.m. at my house for an update followed by lunch. 
In drizzling rain with umbrellas, searching for old shoes and gumboots to trudge through the mud - imagine our absolute delight when our Blogland Buddies 'Tonia and Chris' from Sydney drove up. What a surprise, Reinsey and I were stunned and speechless!! hard to imagine, believe me.....whilst Janine grinned like a Cheshire Cat privy to the plan via Facebook - well done Janine.

Tonia and Chris arrived from Sydney this morning to visit their Metricon Display House coupled with a shopping spree.  Way to go!!!!  What a delightful couple, so special to include us in their visit - safe trip home, our house blogging takes on a whole new meaning.

Beautiful photo's compliments of Janine - wish you could see Tonias 6" stiletto's and all that mud!!

Tonia, Deb, Reinsey, Chris 

Blogland Ladies
Tonia, Deb, Reinsey, Janine
How do you top that?....lunch at Ambrosia's was great - Janine's 'David' was brave enough to join us for coffee before they headed off to check their boundary pegs in readiness for site start.

Reinsey desperately and patiently waiting for slab pour....anticipated Wednesday??

We are truely fortunate to have met so many wonderful people in 'The Avenue' with whom to share our building journey, be it to laugh, cry or whinge.  So looking forward to our new home and friendships.  Coupled with HomeOne and Blogland I have had so much fun.

Following lunch I returned to our house and reality where John (after 18 holes of golf)  and I, moved over 800 surplus bricks to the rear of house.....just in case we need them!!!!
What the.....

800 of them! - why does it look so small?

Ready for final site clean/scrape

Top Render corrected
John 'Luigi' removing the mud

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Peeked through windows today - CARPETS!!! - 'Antique Stone'
Now we're talking 'home'.

Masterbedroom thru to Ensuite and WIR  

Theatre Room from Alfresco

Theate Room thru to Family/Kitchen

Rangehood and downlights in overhead cabinets installed

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Quick Look

Called by house this afternoon and our SS drove up.....
'want a look inside? 'yes please' said I bolting to front door with BonBon under arm!

WIR - Thrilled to see completed, excellent hanging, storage and drawer space considering its compact size.
Also, extra shelf installed in linens and pantry.
Kitchen - Cabinetmaker corrected overhead shadowline, kickboard and ABS edge on island end panels - very happy.
Chrome downlights installed in overhead cabinets and the glass Rangehood was gleaming.
Render - SS agreed 'Grey Pebble' top return strip not to colour selection plan - to be corrected.
Requested another site scrape along bedroom side of house - SS agreed area should be backfilled to slab.

Carlisle Quality Assurance Inspection imminent - any defects reported will be corrected including a chipped tile in ensuite, painting completion/touchups and carpet installed before PCI on 4th March.

Another clean before presentation and I think 'Our Savannah' is looking pretty good.

This morning we visited Mentone Mix and selected 'Richfield' for our Exposed Aggregate.
An off white base with every colour stone imagineable - similar to below with a dash of black stone added.

Monday, February 21, 2011


WOW...wonderful to view house without a wire fence, portaloo or builders rubble - looking forward to that big green skip and surplus bricks going too!

Very happy with our Render colours complimenting the Austral 'Blackwood' bricks and Colourbond 'Dune'.  Fences, Driveway, Portico deck, Alfresco and landscaping will keep us busy.

Kitchen Rangehood and Flyscreens installed today.

Dulux 'Grey Pebble' and 'Crust'

One 'Riva Stainless Steel Exterior Light' will be on Porch Pier

Call SS tomorrow - 'Grey Pebble' band is to continue on top return wall

Thursday, February 17, 2011

BonBon's Evening Ritual

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On our regular evening visit with BonBon we were pleased to see the front fascia/gutter we pointed out to Site Supervisor had been realigned.  Peering through windows, caulking in wet areas and kitchen was finished.
We've had a great SS - always available, good communication and ready to discuss/rectify our concerns....a credit to Carlisle Homes.

SS called this morning with regard to surplus bricks and roof tiles prior to Site Clean on Monday - we've requested almost a pallet of bricks and stack of roof tiles to be left at rear. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Little Closer.......

Met with Concretor for Exposed Aggregate driveway quote this morning -  now we need to select colour of mix.  Have a few addresses to check out plus a trip to Mentone Mix display will help.

This afternoon handles for internal doors, linen cupboards and front door were fitted.
Cabinetmaker finally returned with the island side panels correctly edged, looking through window the shadowline on overhead cabinets has also been corrected. 
Electrician can now cut out for chrome downlights in open cabinets.

Where is the man to finish the WIR fitout and extra shelf missing in cupboards?......followed by carpets - we're a little closer. 

Entry handle fitted - waiting on Gloss Enamel 'Brood'
Managed a photo thru clean window

Island end panels and overhead Shadowline corrected
Sparkling Splashback

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Site Supervisor Update and SPLASHBACK

SS called this morning - house on track with correction work scheduled to overhead kitchen cabinets, island side panels, relocation of one downlight plus feature chrome downlights in overhead open cabinets. Cleaners due today, site clean Monday.

I arrived at house 12.00 p.m. along with the cleaners - huge job, can't wait to see the house clean and sparkling new.  Portaloo gone, guess the Tradies have one inside now! SS also called by and we discussed outstanding work. Door hardware not fitted, ensuite WIR a work in progress including an extra shelf missing from pantry and linen cupboards, carpets. Outside - small section of front fascia and gutter realignment, front feature render topcoats and front door 'Brood' gloss enamel. Appliances installed day of Handover. 

Excited to find our much anticipated Splashback was installed this morning -
'Beige Royal Half on Starfire' a shade deeper than the walls (Beige Royal Quarter) complimenting the taupe/beige/grey hue in the 'Cracked Pepper Caesarstone'. Extremely happy with how fresh and light the Splashback appears - adds a new dimension to the kitchen and appliances will complete the picture.

On our evening drive to the house we found the cleaners still hard at work - they finished at 8.30 p.m. (over 8 hours).  Peered through the windows and everything was sparkling although the tiles will understandably need another clean to completely remove grout residue. I hope with minor work to be completed the Trades respect the cleaners hard work.

Meeting with concretor tomorrow for exposed aggregate driveway quote and Saturday morning Liquid Limestone for side path and Alfresco. 

Before cleaning - Tapware and Glass Splashback images.

Ensuite Shower Tapware

Ensuite Vanity Tapware 

Bathroom Vanity and Bath Tapware

Splashback - 'Beige Royal Half'

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Finishing Touches

Plumber Repairing a Kitchen Sink

Bath is installed and Plumber has begun fitoff of taps, mixers and shower rails.
Fencing and Window Treatments are organized post Handover.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I met on site today for quotes with Sharon's Blinds and a Cabinetmaker for Theatre Room.
Now Tiling is completed and cosmetic fittings being installed we would hope to see a site and inside clean.
'Crystal' had installed both showerscreens and vanity mirrors.  Garage Door also up and running.


Garage Door - Colourbond Dune

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Deluge Revealed

Visited our Estate this afternoon - the torrent of water engulfing 'The Avenue' entrance, William Thwaites and Mountainview Boulevarde was caused by a Dam overflowing from the neighbouring Market Garden.

Although now passable the water continues in areas to pour across roads. The deluge of dirt, mulch, rocks, uprooted plants and vegetables is strewn everywhere.  Verges on the Thompson Road approach to the entrance are still running like a river with huge sections caved in.

Internal roads apart from Mountainview/Eversham have drained well, although I'm sure some houses have roof and run off water damage.

Our site last night was a bog - today although wet no excessive water was present. Looking through windows all was dry inside. Thankfully our downpipes were connected to stormwater two days before the downpour.

Keep dry everyone.

Friday, February 4, 2011

River 'Avenue'

We've had an eventful night....thunder, lightning, torrential rain and loosing BonBon.  Before I got home she escaped the backyard, terrified of thunder and lightning - she just runs and runs.  A kind man found her traumatised at the Sandhurst Roundabout and took her home.  We were frantically searching for her when he called - so relieved and grateful.  BonBon is back home safe and well after her ordeal.

What could our new house possibly look like?!  Just got back - the drive down Thompsons Road is extremely hazardous with roads flooded and lined with stalled cars.  The approach to The Avenue is a torrent of water and the entrance a river with cars lined on the Oak Tree reserve.  Mountainview Boulevarde roundabout verge is totally under running water. We couldn't drive on the left side of the road and crawled down the opposite side before the car almost floated into Eversham.

Our street was not flooded but had certainly been awash with water by the amount of debris. The house was perfect - car lights blazing and torches in hand we peered through every window looking for water.  She was dry as a bone as far as we could see but outside a bog in which I sunk and got stuck.

Reinsey and Janine, all looks good at your blocks and Streets - albeit Reinsey has an Olympic size swimming pool in the scrape.

Leaving along Mountainview Boulevarde we saw two builders bins washed away with one coming to rest in the centre median strip. We think the Developer has some major drainage headaches and cleanup tomorrow morning. 

Will be interesting to see in daylight tomorrow. 

Trust everyone is safe in their homes.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tiles and Grout

Tiling complete, Grouting in progress. 
Excellent workmanship, will look beautiful cleaned up.
Also, Termite reticulated re-treatment system installed to perimeter of house.

Entry/Hallway Grouted

Entry/Hallway in progress

Bathroom Grouted

Bathroom Shower Grouted

Ensuite Vanities Grouted

Ensuite Shower Grouted

Laundry Grouted

Kitchen/Family in progress
'Lights are on'

Termite Treatment System to Perimeter of House  

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mario the Tiler

What a great name for a Tiler.  Mario and his workmate are working hard in this heat. I was taking a photo through the window and Mario offered to show me his tiling - excellent. He expects to finish tomorrow and grout Friday.  I shall drop them off some cold beers in the morning.

Mario said guy measured for showerscreens, mirrors and glass splashback today.
Finally, the downpipes are connected to stormwater.....now it can rain!!
Cabinetmaker replaced kitchen corner cabinet to open opposite direction - allowing handle to fit.





Bathroom Shower
Dark Emperador 50mm x 50mm Tumbled 'Rock n Stone'

Bathroom Vantiy  

Ensuite Vanities

Niche in both Showers

Ensuite Shower

Corner cupboard opening reversed and Handle fitted

Downpipes being connected to stormwater