Just the Two of Us

Just the Two of Us

After 35+ years of marriage, two wonderful sons, living and working in Australia, Sweden, UK and USA we are now 'just the two of us' plus a very spoilt Shitzu.

Following five years at The Sandhurst Club it is time to downsize. Our criteria - build a new home in a development within ten minutes of John's Sandhurst Golf Club, access to Monash and Eastlink Freeways, all new infrastructure and proposed services, recycled water and no Management Company or Body Corporate Fees.

We invite you to view our journey as we build with Carlisle Homes our 'Savannah 28' at 'The Avenue at Casey', a masterplanned community meeting all our criteria.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Landscaping Decisions

Amongst the myriad of decisions to be made we have been giving much research to hard landscaping - Driveway, Porch, Side Path and Alfresco surfaces.

Driveway - Exposed Aggregate is our choice.

Alfresco and Side Path - we've had Merbau Decks and whilst beautiful the maintenance to keep them looking as we wished became tiresome.
We would like the same medium on the Alfresco and extended approximately three metres towards back fence including wrapping around the side path. Considering Liquid Limestone for low maintenance and thermal qualities - cool to touch.
Out from Alfresco along back fence will be a 6 metre long, fence high, limestone brick wall with long planter boxes at each end and water feature in centre.

Porch - Considering Liquid Limestone with Bullnose edge.
Whilst we like this look are concerned with the small step up from driveway being hazardous followed by another step thru front door.
A Merbau Deck would be higher giving a safer step to the Porch and level with inside finished floor; aesthetically pleasing and less hazardous.
We're not keen on exposed aggregate continued from Driveway thru Porch.

Your thoughts?


  1. We are going to have exposed aggregate on the driveway and path from footpath to front door and probably up the side of the house (under the clothesline) - any idea of how much it is at this stage? We are going to deck our alfresco because it can't be any worse than the pergola we currently have at home, and we really like the decking look. My plan is to have a garden bed around the perimeter of the back fence - boring I know, but functional - may add planter boxes eventually, but not right away. Haven't heard of liquid limestone before, what exactly is it (send link to website please). Different strokes for different folks, that's what makes life so intersting Deb! I'm going to bed now, goodnight.

  2. Exposed aggregate is beautiful and a great choice! I would have liked to have that for our driveway but council doesn't allow it. What colour were you thinking?

    Never heard of liquid limestone..might have to search for it on google but it sounds interesting!

    Merbau decking is the way to go for me..although high in maintenance it does look amazing! I'd say do the porch in decking!

  3. Thanks Ladies,
    Exposed aggregate will be around $90+sqm. Janine, Mentone Mix have an excellent display/showroom. Tonia, aggregate must be more popular in Melbourne if your council doesn't allow it. There are a myriad of colours with different stones and concrete base colour. Liquid Limestone is very popular in WA and they have a Company based in Seaford. Runs at around $130 sqm, also available as bricks, stone cladding, render and pavers in many sizes. www.lifestone.com.au
    Probably deck the front porch. Good to get other views - still researching!

  4. L O V E the liquid limestone for your alfresco. Spesh if it's in the more grey tones rather than yellow. Would go beautifully with dune.
    Would it work for the porch? I guess it depends on the colour of your exposed agg...and a timber deck offsets paler driveways really well.
    If you can't get it all one level, then deck for sure!

  5. Liquid Limestone, traditonal limestone colour or half strength - which we like as it takes out the yellow. I'm not against the grey tones although concerned could look harsh in a large area? Plus if a Limestone product we would like it to look like Limestone especially if doing a feature wall. Your point on the porch is my concern too, a timber deck porch will go with any colour aggregate and keep on one level. Decisions!!!

  6. Go with your gut instinct Deb. Everything you've chosen so far looks like a display home so you obviously have grouse taste.
    I'm fully freaking out about our colours - and would change them ALL if it wasn't too late!!!

  7. Dear Reinsey, Thanks for the vote of confidence but its not finished yet. Where were you when I was waking 2.00a.m. shaking John, 'what have we done'!!! This is our little retirement home and everything has happened so fast. Your freaking out over nothing - beautiful home and your selections will be awesome.

  8. Where was I??? Probably awake at 2am listening to the old boy snoring, stressing out over surfmist, Jasper, ..................... Ha ha aaarrrrggghhhhhhh

  9. What an exciting experience!/Hilarious! Delightful! True!/wonderful stuff! thank you!
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