Just the Two of Us

Just the Two of Us

After 35+ years of marriage, two wonderful sons, living and working in Australia, Sweden, UK and USA we are now 'just the two of us' plus a very spoilt Shitzu.

Following five years at The Sandhurst Club it is time to downsize. Our criteria - build a new home in a development within ten minutes of John's Sandhurst Golf Club, access to Monash and Eastlink Freeways, all new infrastructure and proposed services, recycled water and no Management Company or Body Corporate Fees.

We invite you to view our journey as we build with Carlisle Homes our 'Savannah 28' at 'The Avenue at Casey', a masterplanned community meeting all our criteria.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Peeked through windows today - CARPETS!!! - 'Antique Stone'
Now we're talking 'home'.

Masterbedroom thru to Ensuite and WIR  

Theatre Room from Alfresco

Theate Room thru to Family/Kitchen

Rangehood and downlights in overhead cabinets installed


  1. Colours looking good Deb!

    Did I mention how much I LOVE your slashback???? :)

  2. Thanks Tonia - I am extremely happy with all our colour choices....like everyone lots of anxious and questioning moments.
    Splashbacks are so hard - wanted something soft/light against the 'Cracked Pepper Caesarstone' without looking washed out against the Moleskin or clashing with Stipple Seal cabinets.... think we achieved it. The Splashback sparkles and reflections are gorgeous.
    Your having something similar?
    Carpet - at Selections nothing excited us so stayed in the Builders Range and picked a colour we hoped would work - very pleased with result.

  3. Noice, Noice, Debra - so close now!!!! When is John moving in? You will have to commute between houses!

  4. He'll be there first night - golf club in hand! BonBon stays with me. Janine, I can drive from Sandhurst to The Avenue with my eyes closed.
    Our lovely neighbours moved in last Friday, good to have some activity for security.
    Went to your Display Home today, very nice - W&B will do a beautiful job with your cabinetry...loved the big island bench. Itching to start??

  5. Great colour choice (again) Deb - lovely and warm looking!

  6. Hello Reinsey.....any news from Carlisle today??

  7. Loz exchanged a few emails with our CLE. Slab pushed back to march 2nd.
    Out of all the Carlisle builds we've followed, no one has been stuffed around this much. Theyre on site 2 weeks after settlement with a slab 2 weeks after that.
    Not a happy Reinsey. But what can you do??

  8. Hey Reinsey, I think we should meet on Sunday for another coffee with Deb at Ambrosia, to toast my contract, and Debs carpet. Glad to see you visited my "house" today Deb. Yes, happy to start, but have another month or so to go, so not stressing out. What do you think about coffee girls?

  9. Reinsey, how disappointing.
    I'd be asking Carlisle and your SS (once you meet him) 'what exactly is the schedule and timeline of construction, considering up to now no dates have been achieved'? and you would expect once the slab is poured to be regularly informed of progress. Remember, you can delay a progess claim payment until all work is inspected and signed off. Let SS know you feel let down.
    On a positive note Carlisle's reputation for organization is excellent and I'm sure they'll have your house back on track.

    Sunday - think I'm OK..lots to do, mmmmm is John playing Golf?

  10. Would love to catch up on Sunday ladies. I'm good from about 11am til 1. Mums had her hip replaced (yesterday) so I'm a little limited for the next fortnight.

  11. 11a.m. at my House or Ambrosia? - John playing golf in morning.
    Ouch to mum's hip, mine aches thinking about it.

  12. 11 at your house Deb so we can peek through the windows see you then!

  13. Congrat's Deb! Sooo close now! House looks fantastic, all your colours have combined perfectly. :) You must be super happy. Have you formed any ideas for your landscaping?

  14. Hey Shelley, on the home stretch, elated with everything.
    Yes, we have plans/ideas in place for landscaping; fences, driveway, alfresco and paths initially to keep clean whilst we get settled inside. Rear: feature wall, water feature, planter box and pergola, Front: deck to Portico, long planter box to hide taps, lawn and garden...just not the first week!!
    Handover with Carlisle - walk me thru it? how long etc... How did you go with water damage?

  15. Locked in for 11am Sunday - see you both at your beautiful, beautiful house Deb.

  16. Carlisle have been good- they came out and fixed the water marks last week, however still waiting on a plumber/roofer to come and check out the actual issues with the tiling.
    Our handover was a little different to everyone elses. Normally you do the walk through with your SS, then take your cheque to Carlisle's head office, sign some papers, pick up your gift etc. We had our SS do handover at the house. We checked everything had been fixed, then we gave him the cheque, and we got the keys. They'll take note of anything still outstanding.
    James had a Xmas party lunch to go to that day. So I stayed at the new place, with the tradies, while they installed appliances etc. They'll generally try to have handover at a maximum 2 weeks after PCI. But looks like you won't have to wait that long at all!

  17. Good to hear Shelly - hope the roof plumbing is fixed, some flashing not properly sealed?
    PCI is 4th March and Handover scheduled for following Friday 11th - all being well.
    I presumed the run of things was as you described, guess after leaving Carlisle Offices trades will be on site with appliances. Will keep you informed.