Just the Two of Us

Just the Two of Us

After 35+ years of marriage, two wonderful sons, living and working in Australia, Sweden, UK and USA we are now 'just the two of us' plus a very spoilt Shitzu.

Following five years at The Sandhurst Club it is time to downsize. Our criteria - build a new home in a development within ten minutes of John's Sandhurst Golf Club, access to Monash and Eastlink Freeways, all new infrastructure and proposed services, recycled water and no Management Company or Body Corporate Fees.

We invite you to view our journey as we build with Carlisle Homes our 'Savannah 28' at 'The Avenue at Casey', a masterplanned community meeting all our criteria.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


It is 9 weeks since Handover and Carlisle Homes have us booked for 3 month warranty inspection end of June.......where has the time gone and what have we been doing?

Moving is a huge job, no easier after 36 years of marriage and numerous homes; I still don't enjoy it. Culling and downsizing, will it fit/work, where does it go? aaarrrrggghhh!.......but I love the building process and opportunity to select materials and colours just the way (with a few compromises) we want.   Bar some hiccups at the end which Carlisle took care of, the build was smooth and fast; Carlisle are extremely organized and client focused. 

We love our new home; 'just the two of us' plus BonBon, who at times has exasperated me becoming a Canine Bobcat in the mud.  Aggregate driveway, paths and Alfresco were our priority followed by completion of fences - a wonderful feeling of ownership once boundaries are defined.  After months of building...... to close the door behind tradesmen and explore each room; watching the changing ambience from day to night, sun and shade is a joy.

Tiny things excite you.....wow the HWS/shower is fantastic! as are the kitchen appliances and ducted vacuum - why would anyone build without one (my son did and it drove me insane) to the aaarrrggghhh! the ducted heating won't come on, DOA and fixed within 24 hours phew! to the totally mind bending incompetence of Telstra to connect the phone and internet....I'm a happy lady back on cyberspace so all is forgiven.

Plantation shutters, blinds, venetians and dog door installed plus Theatre cabinet built and feature wall painted. Towel/wc rails, cupboard baskets, extra shelving and a myriad of minor 'hang this/install this' items with trips to Bunnings (why don't we have shares with them) are completed.  Minus the odd picture to hang, some lights to be installed and two more TV's to mount we are extremely comfortable inside. Garage is tidier but until landscaping is completed only one car is housed.

Our focus is now on the outside to turn our mud into an oasis of green...........

Welcome to Our Home.



Thru to Theatre Room

Theatre Room



  1. Wow. That is display house quality. Well done!

  2. Deb you have done a great job decorating your home it's looks fantastic, this is the bit I am looking forward to the most!! You must be so happy with your build what a great job Carlisle have done :)

  3. What a beautiful home indeed! You have done well :) It all looks wonderful! Carlisle have definitely done a fantastic job for sure :) Congrats!! xo

  4. People's, I gotta tell you that Deb's house looks this good no matter what time of day you call in.

    Great to have you back in cyberspace too Deb. xx

  5. Thank You Yam - Good Luck with the Montrose and enjoy your build with Carlisle. Fingers crossed with the Bank.

    Tash - enjoy your build as I will watching the streets come alive. Looking forward to meeting you Thursday?

    Tonia - I've seen your selections; boy am I waiting to see them on show. You seem to have every minute detail covered.

    Reinsey - my fretting over everything tragic friend.....we're all the same, your Monaco will look amazing. Loved our walkthru this afternoon, such great space...wow to the corner stacker. Selections look wonderful and those feature tiles will be to die for.

    Yeah, the house might be in shape but did you notice the pink dressing gown reflection in the splashback!!! now that will scar for life!

  6. Deb it is looking beautiful :) I can only hope (but seriously doubt!) I will be that sorted in 8 weeks time! LOL

  7. Deb, as I have seen with myown eyes your home is just beautiful, you are the most organized person I know!! It has all come together so well, I think you have missed your calling, you should do this as a job!

    Can't wait to see your garden develop over the months, take your time though, as you should enjoy it slowly!! We can't have you with nothing to do!

    Will be around on Tuesday so if I see your car shall call in!

    Bet you can't wait to have both cars in the garage one day.

  8. Shayne, all exhausting but fun. Just happy I didn't have to get in order with a two year old.....or for that matter a 33 and 31 year old!

  9. Thanks for the encouragement Janine, I'm good until a third party is involved -
    i.e. bricklayer tomorrow for planter and letterbox; hope he doesn't let us down and the rain stays away.

    Nothing to do!!! what is that???

    Might see you Tuesday.

    If you get two cars in the garage before me I will be so envious.

  10. Deb, I've been patiently clicking on your blog, waiting for photos. They are worth the wait! Your house looks fantastic! Love the plantation shutters, your built in cabinet and the feature wall in the theatre (colour please???). Your selection of colours have come up so well! Can not believe how organised you are! Well done!
    You'll be pleased to know that I've hung 2 photos/frames and our landscaping has started. Photo's soon... Shelley :)

  11. Hey Shelley, We are very comfortable....Telstra was my headache. Theatre Colour is 'Dulux Aumbrey', perfect match to the roller blinds.

    Look forward to your landscaping photos - I'm over the wet and mud!! Bricklayer was to construct today a 3 metre long planter and letterbox - too wet. He's off to UK for three weeks so we will start around him.

    Have purchased two mature trees; Magnolia 'Black Tulip' and Cheal's Pink Weeping Cherry to plant next weekend. Great to hear from you.

  12. Really stunning Deb! Now I'm regretting why we didn't get the ducted vacuum.

  13. Hey Flipflop, caught up with your build now back on cyberspace.

    Your so close....I do love my ducted vacuum; hey I bet you've got something I left out??!! Keep a vacuum on each level and teach kids.....just a thought. When is Handover?

  14. Oh my god, love the design of your place. Great photos, my aim for a perfect place would be very similar to yours, great job !

    man with van in London

  15. Hello Timmy, your a long way from Oz checking out houses? Enjoy.