Just the Two of Us

Just the Two of Us

After 35+ years of marriage, two wonderful sons, living and working in Australia, Sweden, UK and USA we are now 'just the two of us' plus a very spoilt Shitzu.

Following five years at The Sandhurst Club it is time to downsize. Our criteria - build a new home in a development within ten minutes of John's Sandhurst Golf Club, access to Monash and Eastlink Freeways, all new infrastructure and proposed services, recycled water and no Management Company or Body Corporate Fees.

We invite you to view our journey as we build with Carlisle Homes our 'Savannah 28' at 'The Avenue at Casey', a masterplanned community meeting all our criteria.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


How wonderful it is to walk into our home without a Site Supervisor or tradesmen rushing about, especially exciting not having to leave!

Day after Handover the remainder of appliances were installed - HWS, Stove and Dishwasher.  I inspected for damages as Carlisle allow 24 hours to report.  Straight into giving house a good clean...Carlisle left excellent but it is only a builders clean.  Scrubbed kitchen, laundry and bathrooms, removing grime, glue, grout residue etc.... phew!

Called SS as the garage door would not operate with remote controls - he promised to drop by.  In the meantime man arrived to fit-off ducted vacuum motor and was a gem fixing remote operation. It would appear when the garage door was returned following rectification brickwork it had not been re-programmed......instruction handbook was a War and Peace novel!

My first visitor - Reinsey with Mum and Nan in tow.  How nice to show my home, pity there was nothing to sit on and offer a cuppa....next time.

SS arrived - lucky remote was now working because he had no clue.  He looked far more relaxed than our last few weeks meetings! Reiterated how pleased we were with the house although disappointed with the render finish on the front pier - the pier light at night highlighted a very rough surface. Didn't expect to achieve much but half an hour later Renderer turned up and agreed he would return to re-coat and smooth pier - now that was a surprise!

Emptied boxes, tried out the ducted vacuum system and steam mopped the tiles whilst John scraped, etched and pressure washed garage floor in preparation for painting.

A Colorful Cartoon of an Exhausted Woman Falling Prey To Lassitude - Royalty Free Clipart PictureFortunately we are able to do a slow move - just wish every bone in my body would stop aching!

Neighbours and fellow bloggers breezed thru. We had our first family dinner when number one son (Jarrad) and girlfriend (Erin) joined us for Takeaway on camp chairs - special....who wants to use that shiny new stove?  Number two son (Luke) will be home on the weekend to help move the garage contents - he's so looking forward to that one.  This is our first home without either of the boys 'stuff', now that is something to get excited about! Although with a guest bedroom and spare bedroom; a grandchild would be well accommodated - boys?

Removalists are booked for 11th April so we have time to paint the garage floor and seal the tile grout.  A few walls to feature paint - will concentrate on Theatre Room before built-in cabinet is delivered. Cupboards/Robes are full and this weekend the garage will be organized chaos; generally moved everything except large furniture.

Woodstyle Venetians installed in Bathrooms, Study, Bed 2 and 3; finalized colour for roller blinds in Family and Theatre Room.  Plantation Shutters (gorgeous) arrived earlier than expected along with Masterbedroom furniture which of course involves updating linen, quilt/pillows etc.....looking for bedside table lamps and a few accent cushions.

New refrigerator and tumble dryer plus plasma for Theatre Room; boys happy to inherit old models along with multitude of furniture and stuff we have culled.

Heating and Cooling commissioned today and BonBon's door to be installed Thursday; she is back and forth to Luke's house until driveway, paths and fences completed - somethings going on and she's not too sure about all those boxes!

John's masterpiece - too good to drive on!

Plantation Shutters in Masterbedroom

Appliances installed


  1. Deb the blinds look fantastic!!!! Looks lived in already - much better than the sheets look. Love them!!!!

    Can't wait until you are properly moved in and I can stop for a coffee next time. Totally changed my tiles & laminates for ensuite & laundry - very happy with result - and it hasn't cost a cent - bonus!

    Told David about Johns garage floor - thought it was great idea - let's see if Mr GSI can DIY ours when the time comes.

    Will look forward to seeing your progress as you put your little touches to the house - a work in progress.

  2. Just gorgeous!!! Well done Deb, looks fantastic. Congratulations:)

  3. omg everything looks wonderful Deb! I am so jealous!!

    Shutters look beautiful, appliances look great...you are at the 'fun' stage now - decorating!!! Oh how I wish I was in your position :(

    Congratulations Deb - you definitely deserve it!

    Might pop by sometime for a surprise visit/coffee when im in the area hehe :P

  4. Awww....beautiful shutters Deb. (the rest I've seen - lucky I am!!)

  5. Just got back from another load/unload - how come we have sooo much stuff? 35 years???
    Boys, here comes more.....

    Thanks everyone, has it really only been 5 days? omg we've worked hard, so far everything has run like clockwork. Love my plantation shutters, even gorgeous from inside when closed. The house; sun pours thru windows during day and the reflections at night from different surfaces is beautfiful ..at this point small things excite me!

    Surprise, our concretor called by today and has rescheduled us for 18th April, yipee dirt driveway etc. for only one week.

  6. Oh Deb your house is absolutley beautiful, the appliance look great, and i love your shutters. Its all so exciting, im with Tonia, very jealous your at the decorating stage, i cant wait for that bit.

  7. Looks gorgeous. You must be excited to finally start making it feel like home. Is that a wine bottle already in the wine rack??? :) Love your plantation shutters...

  8. Morning Everyone,
    The body is a bit slow this morning....do I really have to lift another box!

    Janine, coffee in comfort? not long now. Waiting to checkout your new colours.

    Sandrine, you can't be far off..wonderful feeling.

    Tonia, decorating....you won't be able to contain yourself!

    Reinsey, your moving faster than a speeding bullet.

    Tash, you'll be neck to neck with Janine. Say hello if driving past.

    Shelley, what a good feeling - that last month was a killer. I'm a tea totaller much to everyones disgust, too much of a control freak!
    and my shutters, can't stop gazing.

  9. Deb your house is just gorgeous!

    Gotta admit I am rather green right now - albeit very happy for you!

    Did you guys seal or paint the garage floor?? Planning on sealing ours but haven't yet investigated how/what to do about it - LOL!

    Hope the hard work lets up soon and you can sit and enjoy!

  10. Very happy thanks Shayne.

    Watching your beautiful home....finishing touches taking shape and reading your frustration with trades! Some are just p...s

    Garage was painted with Berger Jet Dry Heavy Duty (oil based) in 'Evening Stone'. Wash down with diluted solution of hydrochloric acid, thoroughly dry and two coats. Masterpiece!

    Removalists for all the furniture on Monday.

  11. It is indeed a masterpiece :)

    Good luck today - how exciting!!

  12. awesome! happy moving in, Debra!